Pearson Is Everywhere: Defending Spying On Students Edition

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Spying on your children, it’s the Common Core way! Pearson gets busted spying on kids, but don’t worry, the children will still be monitored, there will just be some different entity doing the snooping. Privacy schmivacy, your children MUST be data mined for somebody else’s profit and power – it’s for the kids’ own good!

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Pearson: Always Earning Pearson: Always Earning

Welcome back to another installment of Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time we looked at Pearson spying on students via social media to ‘protect’ the Common Core PARCC tests.

Today, we have an update on that story. According to the Denver Post, Pearson is defending it’s monitoring of students, but promising to ‘let the states do it’ from now on.

Denver Post reports that Pearson has agree to stop the practice of monitoring students using test rosters and leave it up to the states, however there is a tidbit in their article that needs highlighting.

Here’s the relevant excerpt of the article, with emphasis added:

Pearson agreed this week at the states’ request to stop matching social media posts to a list of students on test rosters — instead leaving the matching to states, Skelly said.

“All students deserve fair tests,” said Dana Smith, spokeswoman for the Colorado Department…

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‘Beyond belief': Thought Hillary email scandal couldn’t get worse? Boy, were you wrong!

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Holy flocking spit!

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Drip, drip, drip … SPLASH!

It’s very bad:

Hillary Clinton didn’t take a basic precaution with her personal e-mail system to prevent hackers from impersonating or “spoofing” her identity in messages to close associates, according to former U.S. officials familiar with her e-mail system and other cyber-security experts.

This vulnerability put anyone who was in communication with her account while she was secretary of state at risk of being hacked. Clinton said at the United Nations last week that there were no security breaches of her personal e-mail server, which she used to send and receive more than 60,000 professional and personal e-mails. But former cyber-security officials and experts told us that there were…

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2008 Candidate Senator Obama Sent U.S. Secret Emissary To Iran Telling Them Not To Negotiate With George Bush – Said Wait For Him To Be Elected….

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I remember when he did this, and I considered it treasonous, but of course in 2008 (and ever since) it was (and still is) a raaaaacist thought crime to say anything other than mindless glowing praise about the things Obama does which can undermine and/or harm the United States of America.

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Stunning New Dot Connections – Methinks the White House doth protest too much. I would love to see Josh Earnest try to square the circle of this recent revelation.

The facts of this story have existed in discussion since last year, yet failed to capture traction until the recent protestations of VP Joe Biden, and Secretary of State John Kerry.

a-OBAMAIRAN-386x217kerry in cairo

From a radio interview in October of 2014 Mark Levin discusses with Michael Leeden the details of a secret message sent by candidate Senator Barack Obama to Iran in 2008 via a former Ambassador, William G Miller.

In essence the content of the communique was Senator Obama telling the Iranian government not to negotiate with the outgoing George Bush administration because Obama was more friendly toward the position of Iran and he would work to structure a more favorable outcome to the Iranian people.

Here’s audio of the 2014…

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Ted Cruz, ‘anti-science’ GOP want to return NASA’s focus to … space exploration

Zilla of the Resistance:

As opposed to NASA’s Obama ordered mission to “make muslims feel good” about their imaginary “contributions” to the world other than the 1400 + years of spreading violence, terror, horror, rape, enslavement and destruction (just to mention a few of Islam’s actual “contributions”), instead of focusing on stuff like rocket science (which is why America can no longer send humans into space unless some other country will provide the ride since we no longer have any running manned spaceships).

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The Washington Examiner’s Byron York is paraphrasing an article published in The Hill today, which describes the looming budget battle in Congress over funding for NASA. The argument doesn’t so much concern the overall budget for NASA but how the money is allocated inside the agency.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who leads the Senate subcommittee on Space, told his fellow senators that “too much of NASA’s focus has been driven by the political agenda of politicians in Washington rather than the core mission of focusing on space exploration.”

Democrat Sen. Gary Peters, however, argued that Congress “should seek a set of complementary initiatives that will pay returns to our civilization for centuries to come.” The earth sciences budget focuses in large part on development of “a slew of satellites for monitoring the planet” — and presumably keeping tabs on the planet’s “fever.”

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Nancy Pelosi’s ‘vital step towards progress’ falls on its face: Seattle’s minimum wage increase ‘shuttering’ businesses

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From The Department of WTF Did those Leftist Jackwagons THINK was going to happen?:

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Last June, Nancy Pelosi praised the city of Seattle for taking a “vital step towards progress” by raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. The increase is set to kick in on April 1st.

Anybody with a realistic grasp on economics could have predicted what would happen next:

A recent story at cites the minimum wage increase as one possible reason “so many Seattle restaurants are closing lately”:

In the article, the…

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Naked Man Who Attacked Hunter In Woods While Pretending To Be Bigfoot Gets 10 Years In Prison

Zilla of the Resistance:

And this is why, if you find yourself alone in the woods and are confronted by a big naked weirdo, it may be best to shoot first and ask questions later.

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When avid hunter Jeff McDonald donned his hunting attire and headed out to spend some time in nature, looking for deer in woods near his Manning home, the last thing he expected was to be attacked by a naked man claiming to be Bigfoot.

Having walked a little way down the path he knew so well, McDonald saw a figure on the horizon which looked like a person dressed in tan clothing.

As he told reporters, according to , “I thought, ‘Man, that is really crazy for someone to be up here in deer season, to be wearing basically buck-skin-colored clothes. I was armed with a high-powered rifle. I thought he’s probably not going to do anything.”

When the strange-looking man approached McDonald, he asked him who he was. The man responded by saying his name was Linus Norgren and added that “he was a Sasquatch from a family of

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‘Subliminally negative’? New TIME magazine cover gives Hillary Clinton ‘horns’

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This. Is. Hilarious.

Check out the cover of the latest issue of TIME magazine and their feature story titled, “The Clinton Way: They write their own rules. Will it work this time?

Are those … horns?

Devilishly funny, TIME. Keep up the good work!


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Muslims Destroy and Urinate on Statue of the Virgin Mary in Italia

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But let’s keep ignoring the fact that islam seeks to displace and destroy anything and anyone that is not islamic and/or doesn’t bow down in submission to genocidal expansionist islamic supremacy. Surely if we keep pretending that islam is a “religion of peace” rather than a murderous militant political death cult then muslims will stop exterminating Christians and if we keep ignoring the raging genocide just like we did when the Germans went about exterminating Jews (with the enthusiastic assistance of muslims) we won’t see another holocaust, right? Because you can’t see with your eyes closed and seeing the truth is an islamophobic thought crime.

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Italy - Virgin Mary 1 (resized)

Shattered statue of the Virgin Mary, mother of Yahushua HaMashiach. Photo courtesy of: Alerta Digital

Articolo originale in Italiano

by, Raymond Ibrahim | Islam Translated | Alerta Digital

A man was kneeling in prayer before the statue of the revered Madonna, with the photograph of a loved one in hand, in the small chapel of St. Barnabas in Perugia (Italy), when he was attacked by five “immigrants.”

The first thing they did was rip the photo from his hands.

Next they unleashed their hatred against the image of the Virgin Mary. They broke the statue to pieces and then urinated on it.

Don Scarda, pastor of St. Barnabas, said the event was led by five “foreigners.”  By the time police arrived at the chapel, the unidentified attackers had already fled.

The incident has caused a stir among locals. Some have lambasted Pope Francis who is accused of appeasing immigrants—mostly Muslims—to…

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Hillary Clinton’s brother gets rare Haitian gold mine permit

Zilla of the Resistance:

Nepotism at its sleaziest. Shrillary’s brother managed to snag a sweet deal in Haiti and screw over Hatians at the same time! Next time some lefty doofus tries to tell ya about how the Dems care about poor people, such as the long suffering people of Haiti, if you can resist punching said doofus in the face, hit the doofus with a truth bomb such as the one that Bunkerville has provided today.

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Like Sister like brother. Over two Billion in U.S. Aid has been given to Haiti. And Algeria gives big bucks for Haitian relief? I wonder how much Algeria got for the donation. Money laundering at it best. This is not the first brush will nasty activity. Tony Rodham was involved in a Visa scam. But first:

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, sat on the board of a self-described mining company that in 2012 received one of only two “gold exploitation permits” from the Haitian government—the first issued in over 50 years.

The tiny North Carolina company, VCS Mining, also included on its board Bill Clinton’s co-chair of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), former Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.

VCS’s coveted gold mining exploitation permit was apparently such a sweetheart deal that it outraged the Haitian senate, since royalties to be paid to the Haitian government were only…

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