Special Snowflakes Find Out Their Fuckery Doesn’t Fly in the Real World

I would like to know the name of the company that fired those spoiled brats so I could recommend that company to people who might be interested in whatever type of services that company provides. It is encouraging to see that somebody somewhere is not bending over for the PC indoctrinated. Please click over to Liberty Zone to see the story & enjoy the commentary.

The Liberty Zone

And they find out the hard way.

snowflake 2If you don’t feel like reading the entire story linked, here’s a short version:

Special snowflake gets internship at a firm that requires employees to dress professionally.

Special snowflake notices one member of the firm wearing shoes that don’t conform to dress code.

Special snowflake gets bent out of shape, because someone is violating dress code with apparent impunity, and approaches manager to ask if the interns could violate dress code too.

Special snowflake’s request is denied.

Special snowflake can’t take no for an answer, and writes a proposal/petition, signed by other special snowflake interns, telling the management why they should be allowed to violate company policy.

All special snowflakes who signed the petition get tossed out on their entitled asses.

Isn’t it amazing when the special snowflakes get into the real world outside their university safe spaces and discover that the real world…

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Donald Trump Exposes Spasmodic Media – OMG Buzzfeed Aghast Trump Ate a Taco Bowl…

Everybody loves tacos. Why does BuzzFeed hate Latinos? Bwahahaha!!!! Can’t stump Da Trump!

The Last Refuge

Donald Trump strikes again.  Candidate Trump deliciously trolls the cultural Marxists within the media machine with a simple tweet over lunch on Cinco de Mayo when he shares a menu choice, a taco bowl.

trump tower grill 4

Immediately, spasmodically, the leftist media have a collective ‘splodey head over such a horrific display of cultural appropriation.  STOP THE PRESSES – this is a matter which deserves immediate and intensive investigation…. cue the response from Buzzfeed:

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Not Exactly the Dashing White Knights Now, Woman-Abusing NRO Idiots May Have Got Andrea Tantaros Fired from Fox

It is only hateful/RAAAAACIST/sexist/meaniepants if someone who doesn’t hate Donald Trump does it; you can do whatever you want to Trump supporters because we’ve all been declared stupid unpersons by the delusional deranged #NeverTrump schmucks. I think part of the reason why so many keep getting surprised by Trump’s victories is because a LOT of people who prefer Donald Trump over Cruz, Kasich, Clinton, and Sanders are not advertising it so as to avoid the ridicule, belittling, and abuse that is heaped on Trump & his supporters with impunity. Some people prefer not to be harassed so they’ll keep quiet or say they’re voting for whoever they won’t get trolled over but they exercise their will on a private ballot. There ya go, bewildered TDSers, I just explained the “Trump phenomenon” for ya, you’re welcome!

The Blog Of Monte Cristo

Remember all the chivalry displayed by writers at the National Review and The National Review Online (NRO) in defending the honor of Michelle Fields when she accused the Trump campaign of mistreating her?  I do.  I remember dozens of pieces, like this one by David French, accusing the campaign of every sleazy, despicable deed under the sun, including fomenting a culture of violence and an all out war on women in propping up her dubious story.

Months later, of course, after her story and behavior have been revealed to be complete shams and Corey Lewandowski has been vindicated, I don’t recall any walk-back from French or the clowns at NRO, like Kevin Williamson or Charles Cooke, who relentlessly beat the Twitter drums on behalf of Ms. Fields.

fox_on_tears_150105a1-800x430 Andrea Tantaros

But in the meantime, Messrs. Williamson and Cooke may have succeeded in getting one of my favorite female writers fired from Fox…

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Tripwire Alert – A Desperate Ted Cruz Announces Carly Fiorina as Running Mate…

Fiorina is horrible. Please visit The Last Refuge to learn more and also visit the following link to BNI that reminds us of how disgustingly Fiorina praised genocidal islam less than 2 weeks after the 9/11/2001 islamic terrorist attacks that murdered thousands of Americans on our own soil – Fiorina praised islam’s history of destroying civilizations even as Ground Zero burned and New York’s finest, bravest, and strongest had the soles of their shoes melting off while they dug through the fiery pit of devastation looking for survivors and human remains. http://www.barenakedislam.com/2016/04/27/what-you-need-to-know-about-ted-cruzs-just-announced-muslim-pandering-vice-presidential-running-mate-carly-fiorina/

The Last Refuge


A Wall Street Globalist By Any Other Name is Still A Wall Street Globalist

According to numerous national media reports, Senator Ted Cruz is moments away from announcing Carly Fiorina as his running mate.The transparency of intent is brutally obvious.

Cruz is desperate; all current indications coming out of Indiana do not look well for his ongoing ‘hail-Mary’ chances.  The Kasich/Cruz deal to split up states in a futile effort to block Donald Trump is backfiring.  Ted Cruz “authenticity” and “likability” continue to plummet.  The more Ted talks, the less people like him.   He needs a reset, fast.

Enter Carly Fiorina, the consummate DC cocktail class republican.  A failed corporate CEO who was jettisoned from the private sector for her inept and inadequate skills as a company officer – never to be hired again by any company.  Fiorina’s only hope at retention of influence and affluence was a shift to…

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Anyone REALLY Surprised?

But, but, but, enforcing our borders to protect our country is RAAAAACIST, islamophobic, and meaniepants! At least that’s what the people who don’t have to suffer the consequences of crimes & atrocities committed by invaders keep saying. Dopes.

Mcnorman's Weblog

This should be priority during the elections, but it never is.  Porous borders should NOT be okay.

…Among the jihadists that travel back and forth through the porous southern border is a Kuwaiti named Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, an ISIS operative who lives in the Mexican state of Chihuahua not far from El Paso, Texas. Khabir trained hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen and has lived in Mexico for more than a year, according to information provided by JW’s government source.

Cartels Help Terrorists in Mexico Get to U.S. to Explore Targets; ISIS Militant Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir Among Them

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How To Get Through The Day

Please click through to McNorman’s & read the whole thing, you’ll be glad that you did!

Mcnorman's Weblog


Update:  Prince passed away today.  I didn’t really know his music until I watched a lively dance segment by the Joffrey Ballet during the Academy Awards one year.  The music gave the dancers something wonderful and fun to move to.  Prince gave the Joffrey Ballet a reprieve.  They were dying a slow painful financial death until the rock ballet called Billboards came into being.  Robert Joffrey gave many dancers opportunities.  I’m sure that you will remember Patrick Swayze, and even Ron Reagan Jr. to name a few.  He trained countless aspiring dancers.

That was one save, but if you like The Bangles Manic Monday song you will know that there is an interesting link between Prince and the ladies.  On a flight the ladies learned that Prince was in First Class.  One approached him and spoke to him about how much his music meant to them.  The flight…

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The New York Post Endorses Donald Trump…

The NY Post is the only New York paper that’s not in the tank for leftism. The NY Daily News (their competitor) rendered itself unreadable, due to its leftist propaganda, years ago. Please visit The Last Refuge for the great pics accompanying this story & the link to the Post endorsement.

The Last Refuge

New York Post – Donald Trump is a rookie candidate — a potential superstar of vast promise, but making rookie mistakes. The nominee Republicans need for the fall campaign is often hard to make out amid his improvisations and too-harsh replies to his critics.

New Yorkers vote Tuesday. What to do?

trump crosses

Here’s how we see it.

Should he win the nomination, we expect Trump to pivot — not just on the issues, but in his manner. The post-pivot Trump needs to be more presidential: better informed on policy, more self-disciplined and less thin-skinned.

Yet the promise is clearly there in the rookie who is, after all, leading the field as the finals near.

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Super Tuesday Debrief, Primary Results and Anticipated GOPe Reactions….

Please visit The Last Refuge for Sundance’s excellent analysis of yesterdays events & what the GOPe is up to in its mission to thwart the will of Republican voters.

The Last Refuge

The election results are linked and discussed HERE, so we’re not going to go into depth and repeat the information other than to pull out some results to showcase the next phases.  Overall it was a good night for Donald Trump with seven state wins.

delegates 3-2-16

(Delegate Count Link) However, that’s done.  The more important aspects are: A.) what those results mean and B.) what comes next.

To grasp the meaning we must first remind and reinforce the basic structure of this election because everything is dependent on predicting the future by understanding the past; that means understanding the origin and intents of the GOPe design.

GOP primary 2

Always remember the various influencers of the next steps are the big money, Wall Street, financiers.  The Vested Interests. They direct legislative priorities, they are the ones with the real agenda which underpins the maneuvering of the GOPe, the Democrat party, and the…

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The #WarOnBloggers Rages On

Twitter has apparently banned the tweeting of links to the counter-jihad blog, Bare Naked Islam. It’s a thoughtcrime to tell the truth about islamic supremacist, dontchyaknow?

Zogby National GOP Poll: Donald Trump 45%, Ted Cruz 13%, Marco Rubio 8%…

Take THAT, so called smart people!
Trump 2016 HELL YEAH

The Last Refuge

The latest Zogby poll of national GOP voters shows Donald J Trump with a commanding lead of 45% a full 32 points higher than second place Ted Cruz.  Additionally an Arizona poll shows Donald Trump at 38% 22 points ahead – LINK

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York

(Via Zogby Analytics) […]  Mr. Trump polls over 40% among men (49%) and women (41%), as well as Republicans (47%) and independents (49%), conservatives (46%) and moderates (45%). Mr. Cruz scores double digits among men (10%), women (16%), Republicans (15%), independents (10%), and conservative (15%).

We tested a series of three-way races and found Mr. Trump trouncing all of his rivals — 53% to 20% for Mr. Cruz, and 11% for Mr. Rubio; 57% to 23% for Mr. Cruz, and 8% for Mr. Christie; 57% to 23% for Mr. Cruz and 7% for Mr. Kasich; 55% to 25% for Mr. Cruz, and 10% for Mr…

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