The Candidate Who best Represents My Values

Nearly everyone has one or more political issues that are most important to them above all others, issues that are absolute “deal breakers” for them if a candidate is on the wrong side of them. For me, the important issues are where a candidate stands on sharia and jihad, if they support Israel, foreign policy, and if they are strong against the flood of CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS who are streaming across our porous border. These issues are crucial to me because they are critical to our very existence as free people – if we are weak in these areas, it weakens us everywhere else. I loathe milquetoast politicians and I greatly admire those who speak openly and honestly without caving in to the linguistic slavery of political correctness. I want a candidate who isn’t afraid to address what an unmitigated disaster the Obama administration is for our country.

After much research and careful consideration, I find that the candidate who I like best to run against Obama in 2012 is Rick Santorum. Please visit the Zilla blog to learn why I feel this way:

How About Rick Santorum for President?

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