Zombie fighting how-to reminder (just in case):
Head Shot
Double Tap
or go all Mo on them and chop their freaking heads off.
The CDC’s gov’t approved Zombie Apocalypse guidelines left out those thing, probably because they don’t REALLY want you to survive it at all, because statist progs love themselves some braindead zombies (or brainwashed zombie-like koolaid swilling dupes, anyway).


Two handguns, $54,000 in cash, and a vial of unidentified liquid later…  The video is sort of morbidly fascinating but not something you want to watch at work unless you’re a Congresscritter, in which case a chant of “STOP STEALING MY MONEY!” should be considered a message from each and every one of your constituents.

This seems like an odd, isolated, drug-addled incident, that surely only shares a coincidental proximity in time to the dude who chowed down on his friend’s face and the guy who threw his own intestines at police this morning.  These are certainly not related in any way.

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