Yes, Virginia there is a war on freedom of Conservative speech

There is a very real war on Freedom of Speech being waged by a convicted terrorist who has taken to terrorizing people who tell the truth about the fact that he’s a freaking terrorist.
If you are just joining the party (what took you so long?) and don’t know what the BFD is about Brett Kimberlin the terrorist and his terrorizing of people who tell the truth about him, read my extensive and heavily updated primer on this nightmare here:

Violent Convicted Terrorist Bomber Given Million$ by Progressives Now Terrorizes Bloggers – Updated



There will be a new post following up on this continually developing story at my main blog, Zilla of the Resistance, soon.


Stay tuned…

The Daley Gator

And people like Ed Daley and myself, are in it, along with every other Conservative blogger out there! And I tell you folks, I am damned proud to have people like Bob Belvedere on my side!

As many commentators in The Rightosphere have pointed out this is, indeed, a war we are in.  The Left is seeking, in their own words, to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.  Those who use such words, are saying that  what exists now must be uprooted and discarded, that not merely the edifice, but the foundation must be torn down and something entirely new erected on it’s ruins.  This has been the belief of every single Leftist since the modern Left formed in the mid Eighteenth Century.  The only difference in approaches has been between two factions: those who wish to violently tear the existing regime down, like a hollow point bullet to the skull, and those who want to destroy…

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