Violent Convicted Terrorist Bomber Given Million$ by Progressives Now Terrorizes Bloggers – Updated

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In 1978, an Indianapolis town was terrorized by a series of bombings, including one at the local high school there. The Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin, had a long criminal history even before becoming a domestic terrorist and was suspected to have been involved in the murder of a woman who had objected to his inappropriate relationship with her pre-teen granddaughter. Extensive coverage of Kimberlin’s crimes and his eventual trial was provided by The Indianapolis Star; here is a brief summary of some of those events, via Breitbart:

Brett Kimberlin, Speedway Bomber

Infamously known as “The Speedway Bomber,” Brett Kimberlin exploded his eighth and final bomb on September 6, 1978, which nearly blew off the right leg of his victim, Carl DeLong, and seriously injured the man’s left leg and right hand, causing his leg to be amputated. DeLong committed suicide two years later, unable to cope with the pain and devastation of his injuries. The victim’s wife Sandra later won a civil judgment against Kimberlin for $1.6 million.

Police had immediately suspected Kimberlin in the bombing case. He’d been in trouble since high school, was a suspected drug trafficker and he was already the suspect in a murder that had occurred only months earlier. As the Indianapolis Star recounted recently:

On July 29, 1978, Speedway resident Julia Scyphers, 65, answered a knock at her door. A man she didn’t know was standing on her stoop asking about items she’d recently tried to sell at a yard sale. She let him into the garage to look at the items and he shot her in the head.

Mrs. Scypher’s husband, Fred, 68, heard the bang and came out in time to see a car pulling out of the driveway. He would later tell police he’d gotten a glimpse of the man who’d come to the door.

When police began looking for a motive in the Scyphers slaying, they found there’d been a recent family clash. Julia Scyphers’ daughter, Sandra Barton, had become involved with a man who seemed to Mrs. Scyphers to be inordinately close to one of Barton’s young daughters. Mrs. Scyphers told friends she was so concerned that she’d arranged for both of her granddaughters to come live with her. Whether or not Mrs. Scyphers’ fears were correct (no charges were ever filed to that effect), this incident led investigators to start looking at Brett C. Kimberlin.

Investigators had learned that Sandra Barton’s pre-teen daughter had accompanied Kimberlin, in his 20’s, on several out of state trips. When the girl moved in with her grandmother as a protective measure on the family’s part, Kimberlin threatened to commit suicide.

But police still needed to collect more evidence in both the bombing and murder cases. After he was identified by a store-owner who’d unwittingly sold him the timer for one of the bombs, Kimberlin was subsequently reported to the U.S. Army by a nearby print shop owner who had become suspicious when Kimberlin wanted to reproduce military driver’s licenses. And when he returned to that print shop wearing a security guard uniform with an illegal Department of Defense insignia, an Army investigator was present to bust him for violating the law. Police used the opportunity to obtain a warrant to search Kimberlin’s vehicle, where they found the same timers and explosive chemical used in the bombs. A search of his family’s property also turned up a buried steel tank that contained 1,000 lbs of marijuana. Investigators later found that Kimberlin and some construction workers had purchased explosives in 1975 to blast away the area so they could bury the tank. Those explosives were the same as those used in the Speedway bombings.


While police continued to strengthen their case against him for the bombings, Kimberlin got arrested on drug charges in 1979 in Texas after a plane delivery of 10,000 pounds of Colombian marijuana went awry. He and several others had been building a makeshift landing strip in the middle of the desert and rented a small airplane to collect their cargo, which had been abandoned by its scheduled pilot due to bad weather. When caught during the drug arrest, police confiscated an arsenal of weapons that included a TASAR (brand new technology at that time), pistols with silencers, AR15 rifles, poison tipped bullets, and makeshift security guard uniforms.

The incident gave investigators additional time to piece together more evidence from the bombing case, as well as the details of the murder case in which Kimberlin was a suspect.

Eventually, in three separate trials, Kimberlin was convicted of the bombings and sentenced to a fifty-year term of imprisonment for manufacturing and possessing a destructive device, and malicious damage by explosives with personal injury. He received a concurrent twelve-year sentence for impersonating a federal officer, illegal use of a Department of Defense insignia, and illegal use of the Presidential Seal, and a five-year term for receipt of explosives by a convicted felon. He was also given a four-year sentence by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas on an earlier, unrelated conviction for conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Kimberlin’s sentences were aggregated by the Bureau of Prisons and treated by the Commission as a single aggregate sentence of 51 years, six months, and nineteen days.

The Scyphers murder case however has remained open. One suspect was identified and charged at the time, but the victim’s husband, the only witness in the case, died of cancer two weeks later, leaving the authorities without a living witness.

Despite the evidence authorities were gathering, Kimberlin never would be formally charged with the murder. Still, he did serve nearly 17 years in prison for both the bombings and the drug case. After the conviction, more details were revealed about the case that unraveled a complex and creepy series of additional crimes that Kimberlin planned against numerous targets, most notably the chief government prosecutor, Bernard (Buddy) Pylitt, who happened to have political ambitions for governor. Indianapolis Star reporter Joseph Gelarden thoroughly documented the entire plot based on information and documents that were provided by the investigators after Kimberlin’s conviction. It reads like a fictional made for TV movie, complete with a hit list of “six to be killed, two or three to be roughed up and one or two to be robbed,” according to the article.



After barely serving one third of his sentence, the terrorist Brett Kimberlin was released from prison and made a name for himself as a “progressive activist” who has enjoyed the public embrace and heavy funding from deep pocketed leftists such as George Soros, prominent Democrats such as Teresa Heinz Kerry (wife of Democratic Presidential candidate Massachusetts Senator John Kerry), and liberal celebrities such as Barbara Streisand. Again, via Breitbart:

And of course, what must the citizens of Indianapolis think about Kimberlin’s recent success, all of the money his organizations have been awarded by donors who seemingly embrace a convicted criminal who caused their community such devastation and heartache? What must DeLong’s family think? In 2007, when Time Magazine featured Kimberlin in its “Wizard of Odd Story,” noted Indianpolis Star reporter Joe Gelarden, who closely covered all of the Kimberlin cases in great detail at the time, had something to say about the public’s embrace of Kimberlin:

Brett Kimberlin is a terrorist. While I firmly believe in the doctrine of redemption and conversion, I remember a few things about Brett that give me great pause.

First, he was convicted of perjury – in federal court – before he got out of high school. Think about that for a moment.

Second, he was not convicted of smoking a couple of joints when he was in high school. He was a major drug dealer who officials believe got into terrorism to throw officials off the trail of a murder.

Third, he planted a series of bombs in Speedway, Indiana that not only endangered a lot of lives, but, when a guy bent over to pick up a gym bag in a school parking lot – Carl DeLong just wanted to turn in the bag to the school because he thought it contained a pair of $50 sneakers – it exploded.

The blast shattered DeLong’s body and that of his lovely wife Sandra.

These assertions are not just words on some blog, they are in the record of the state and federal courts…

I think that pretty much says it all, from a respectable Indianapolis journalist who lived through the story himself.
Follow the entire Kimberlin history as it happened at the Indianapolis Star:

The Speedway Bomber Part 1” and “Part 2.”

“Kimberlin Guilty; Could Get 230 Years” – The Star, 10/16/1981

“Kimberlin case a maze of murder, deceit” – The Star, 10/18/1981

“Kimberlin Gets 50 More Years” – The News, 12/30/1981

“Mystery Still Clouds Kimberlin Case” – The News, 12/31/1978


Even as a well funded darling of the left, The Speedway Bomber continues to terrorize innocent people and attempt to destroy their lives, but now his main targets are bloggers who dare to tell the truth about him and his disturbing violent history.

Sadly, it is fairly common for bloggers to subject to campaigns of harassment and even be criminally victimized by leftists in an attempt to ruin their reputations, intimidate them into silence, and destroy their livelihoods, (I myself have first hand experience with being targeted, as does The Lonely Conservative and Donald Douglas of the American Power blog), but what terrorist Brett Kimberlin has been doing to people goes far beyond even that. Brett Kimberlin has filed frivolous lawsuits against people who have reported on his violent criminal history and he has attempted to frame blogger Aaron Worthing for fictional “crimes”, and he caused both Aaron and his wife to lose their jobs because their employer was afraid that they’d become targets of Kimberlin’s violent rage, but it gets even worse: professional journalist and blogger Robert Stacy McCain has been forced to flee his home with his family to an undisclosed location for their safety due to threats from the Speedway Bomber, convicted terrorist and violent criminal, Brett Kimberlin – a disgusting vile cretin who is also now targeting Stacy’s innocent wife.

What did Stacy do to find himself in the cross-hairs of this violent terrorist thug? The same thing that gets the rest of us targeted by vile leftists who want to silence us: he told the truth: about Kimberlin, his violent criminal history, the leftist operatives that he is connected to, and the plethora of money that The Speedway Bomber has been given by a myriad of well known progressives. Here are some of the links to Stacy’s important reports, read them all and follow the links that they each contain:


The story of Kimberlin’s post-incarceration vicious activities is even more complicated than that of his pre-incarceration crimes, but while the mainstream media has been predictably ignoring it (as have most of the larger blogs), independent Conservative Bloggers have been all over it, especially since the Lonely Conservative issued the clarion call for everyone to get to their blogs and social networks to do everything possible to keep the story of this truly evil man from being swept under the collectivist rug. There have been dozens of posts by many, many, small to medium sized blogs each bringing a new and unique perspective to this sordid tale and uncovering more damning facts about the violent criminal terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s past and present atrocious behavior.

I have been trying to keep up over the past few days, but there is so much involved that I cannot possibly link everyone, but until pretty much just a few hours ago, very few of the bigger bloggers had taken any interest in this story (with the notable exception of Instapundit); it has all been pretty much the smaller independent blogs, but that is changing rapidly- even as I type this, so let me give you what I have in my tabs right now because Brett Kimberlin needs to be stopped and it is going to take every last one of us to make that happen. He cannot possibly go after us all!

American Power has summaries and roundups of links HERE and HERE

Patterico explains that violent criminal terrorist Brett Kimberlin, The Speedway Bomber, takes exception to being referred to as a “terrorist”, which is of course exactly what Kimberlin is:

“Terrorism” is a fair way to describe what Brett Kimberlin did to the town of Speedway, Indiana in 1978, when he set off eight bombs over the course of several days. Kimberlin has been convicted of those bombings, one of which blew off the limbs of a Vietnam veteran named Carl DeLong, who committed suicide as a result of his injuries. Brett Kimberlin earned the right to be called a convicted domestic terrorist, and he should not be marching off to court complaining about it when someone calls him just that. RTWT

DaTechGuy explores the perils of exercising your First Amendment rights when totalitarians are intent on silencing all dissenting voices by whatever means necessary and includes links to some of the bloggers who’ve been covering the sordid saga of Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin and how he continues to terrorize innocent people to this very day, HERE and HERE.

Lady Liberty 1885 writes about violent criminal terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s “charity” work and some of the nasty entities it is affiliated with, and she has a bunch of useful links to very important information, HERE.

Dan Collins at the Conservatory has a very good summary of how terrorist Brett Kimberlin has abused the legal system to harm Aaron Worthing and what you can do to help Aaron and his wife, and he also has more links. Dan actually has a bunch of posts about Kimberlin’s continuing reign of terror, here is an excerpt from another one (this is IMPORTANT):

Equally as guilty of negligence or cowardice, in my view, are right-leaning media outlets that have decided, for whatever reason, not to treat this story as important. Kudos to those who have. Last night on Twitter, a couple of right-bloggers found themselves blocked from using the service by virtue of the usual complaints from the usual suspects. Twitter rectified the situation after a few hours, but as Iowahawk noted, those who have made a practice of abusing the ‘reporting’ feature ought to be kicked off entirely and permanently. Twitter users banded together to force a prompt response from the service, but the tens of thousands of tweets that were devoted to expressing unhappiness over a couple of bloggers (in this particular instance) being inconvenienced for a few hours has found faint echo in this much more abusive attempt to impose censorship through threats.

If you’re on Twitter, please ask anyone who has so far maintained their silence to write about it, especially if they have large audiences. You can help build momentum as well by using the hashtag #freestacymccain. And if you have some Photo-chops, you might think about working up a t-shirt design that says “FREE STACY MCCAIN” then image, then “(Must be 18 or older. Some restrictions may apply.) so that he can use it as a fund-raiser.

Only, y’know . . . better.

I don’t want anybody trying to shame people into publicizing this story, at least yet. It’s reasonable, though, to believe that those whom you support and help to boost might take at least a passing interest in helping to get this awful story the publicity that it so richly deserves. Asses like Brett Kimberlin survive and thrive because people find it to inconvenient to help put an end to their behavior, and that is why they persist in it.

Enough. This dude needs to be stopped, and in a manner that will make his fellow travelers take notice. It is leniency that has created this monster, and it is severity only that will stop it. Kimberlin’s encroachment affects us all, whether we like it or not, and anybody who can’t be bothered to do the right thing and finish this moral idiot no longer deserves to be heard when they speak of censorship. We do the professionals a favor every time we quote them or link to them, and it’s about time they learned to return the favor.

Remember Righthaven? This is Righthaven with a violent criminal rap sheet. The fellow travelers are undeterred.

UPDATE: Go tell Ace not to be disgusted with himself. He’s a busy guy. I don’t think anyone’s ever accused him of not having balls. Pudding. And here’s another brother will balls.

And Bob’s been on this since I have. Many thanks for the link. Via Bob, also: HillBuzz added to the Wall of Balls.

Lee Stranahan declares this Friday, May 25, Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. Lee has produced a fantastic video, the first in a series about Kimberlin’s background. Please view it and repost it.

Bryan Preston at the PJ Tatler.

Plemmen’s been digging.

One can always count on Bingley.

Susan DuClos has stones. The EBL could grow a pair, I suppose, but that would be supernumerary.

Nice Deb is balls to the wall on the Wall of Balls.

Richard Fernandez, one of the very best writers in the United States.

Donald Douglas, again, at Theo Spark. Thanks for the link!

Where would Itty-Bitty Smitty be without Smitty’s nutsack?

I just don’t have the time to keep up with all the defenders of truth, justice and the American way of life here, so as you come across people I’ve missed, please link their posts up in comments.

Not to worry, Dan, I’ve been following this from Stacy’s first post about it as well and simply have been unable to get a post up about it before now, although I have been working on it, and you know darn well that I will make sure to tell you that I’m in this fight and that I’ve got you linked!

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection urges readers to protect and support bloggers (who do the job that nobody else is willing to do and often at great personal risk with little to no reward other than the knowledge that they are fighting the good fight) and relates his own experience of having been targeted by people intending to silence him:

Now the story has gone from bad to worse, as indicated in McCain’s post yesterday and again today:

Convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin on Monday continued his effort to silence those who write about his criminal past by contacting my wife’s employer, claiming that I was “harassing” him. The resulting security concern required immediate relocation if I was to be able to continue writing about the case of Kimberlin, a violent felon, perjurer and admitted tax cheat who is employed as the director of a 501(c)3 non-profit that has collected $1.8 million in contributions since 2005.

The story is not about McCain as such. It’s about how bloggers, who don’t have large organizations and cadres of lawyers standing behind them, can be the subjects of attempted intimidation through a perceived weakpoint, such as an employer.

I’ve been subjected to periodic complaint letters and not just in connection with the Stop Rush effort:

One of the people behind Stop Rush not only has suggested I should worry about my job, that person repeatedly has tweeted to my employer complaining about me.

If true that Kimberlin contacted McCain’s wife’s employer, that would elevate it to an entirely new level, particularly in light of the history.

Protect and support your local blogger. Think where you’d be without us.

Update: It’s worth noting this ending to McCain’s post:

The National Bloggers Club, Inc, a non-profit organization that organizes the annual Blog Bash event celebrating free-market bloggers, is making available a press contact for those interested in learning more about this story:

My friend Paul at An Ex-Con’s View knows a thing or two about the criminal mind and the criminal justice system and he is using his unique qualifications to shine a burning hot fiery laser of righteousness right through terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s withered and backwards soul. Paul also shares his insights and posts lots of links to other bloggers in addition to following the international money trail of the Speedway Bomber and his associates. Here are some selected quotes of his commentary with links to the posts that I clipped ’em from:

From The War Today:

Asshats like Mr. Kimberlin, who continue in their criminal behaviors, should be shut away and removed from society. The fact that he is associated with the very folks that are intent on imposing a totalitarian Marxist regime on our nation makes this effort an urgent one.

My recommendation? The same as many of my friends: Read all you can about this and call/write/email the folks responsible for his being on the streets, call the parole board and demand revocation of his parole, be supportive of our fellow bloggers that are being attacked by this rampant criminal by disseminating Aaron’s post about this via social media and your own blog.

We must be pro-active in this battle or be defeated by a punk.

From Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore’:

Poe-esque is the story of the life-long violent criminal, con-artist, forger and liar Brett Kimberlin. Stacy McCain has done a masterful job digging into a story that he has reported on several times in the past and has been hammering on since the 17th when Aaron Walker (posting as Aaron Worthing on his blog Allergic to Bull) posted his epic 2800 word article about this scumbag who is attempting to frame him for a crime as a way to shut him up. Conducting “Lawfare” an acknowledged methodology of the left and frequently used by cultural Marxists to silence those opposed to controlled speech and in actuality to silence anyone who opposes any of the steps being made towards a totalitarian Marxist regime.

Even a federal conviction and 17 years in federal prison (sentenced to 50 years and only served 17? For a violent crime? right around 30%, much too short a time for violent offenders). His release on parole (which he has violated numerous times but only returned to prison once) was way below the guidelines and his penchant for self filing frivolous lawsuits may well be the reason the DOJ sprung him early.


Kimberlin never should have been freed on parole until 2023 at the earliest.

But he’s here and he’s dancing to the tune of the leftist rhetoric, using his talents and violent whims to attack and silence anyone who speaks the truth about him or promotes a political philosophy contrary to the Marxist Mantra.

We Are All Victims of Brett Kimberlin:

Every last one of us is a victim of Brett Kimberlin and the organized liberal left.

By engaging in what amounts to a perversion of the criminal justice system, the federal and local civil courts as well as “gaming” the IRS, SEC, DEA, ATF and a host of other TLA (Three Letter Acronym) agencies and department, Brett Kimberlin and associates/donors/enablers make victims of us all.

By using threats and intimidation these deluded and dangerous fools, headed by a Ted Kaczynski wannabe sociopathic midget and convicted domestic terrorist named Brett Kimberlin, funded by the cream of the crop of leftist ideologues (such as Babs Streisand), and aided and abetted by every bored/ignorant/sympathetic civil servant, our rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are abridged.

For when even one of us must flee into hiding, feel constrained from telling the truth, from feeling safe and secure in our homes, it is not only they who are victimized, it is all of us that are the victims. That these events can occur and are allowed to continue is a very great scandal to our nation of laws.

That an individual so clearly criminalistic, sociopathic and just plain evil is allowed to walk freely among us and continue his rampage of destruction is simply unthinkable.

That this individual, in conjunction with other like minded deviants, conducts campaigns of terror against citizens of this nation, abusing the overloaded court system, overloading it further in both criminal and civil courts by filing false criminal complaints and frivolous civil proceedings so as to silence those who speak or write the truth about him, is unconscionable! MORE HERE

Doug at The Daley Gator has tons of links and he predicts that thuggish attacks and nasty intimidation tactics we’re seeing by terrorist Brett Kimberlin are going to escalate going into November with others doing the types of vile things we are witnessing from the Speedway Bomber. I have no doubt that he is right, which is why it is so important to do what we can to stop Brett Kimberlin NOW before he can hurt cause more damage, because while he is possibly the worst we’ve seen this far, he is but one of many ruthless operatives seeking to shut down the free speech and dissemination of information by anyone who gets in their way.

Bob Belvedere at The Camp Of The Saints was ahead of the curve in covering this story after Stacy started writing about it but before it blew up big in the dextrosphere and I have stolen quite a few links for this piece from his posts HERE, HERE and HERE. Be sure to visit his posts because there’s lots of good stuff there.

Matt Ross at Conservative Hideout has joined the fight, provides a linkaound and adds this:

I have always subscribed to the notion that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Considering Kimberlin’s past, as well as his current tendency to harass and threaten anyone that discusses his well documented past, he ought to be considered dangerous. Is there risk in even mentioning this? Probably, but when this happens, I always think that if we let people be silenced one by one, it’s only a matter of time before we are all silenced. However, if we band together, not only is it much harder to force us into silence, but we stand a better chance of preventing people like Kimberlin for victimizing others. So, I’m taking my place on the line.

As am I, Matt!

When Andrew Breitbart died, we honored his memory by promising to fight as hard as he did, we said we “We are ALL Breitbart now”, and #IAmAndrewBreitbart became a popular Twitter hashtag. Well Robert Stacy McCain and Aaron Worthing are alive and they are under direct attack by a well funded criminal terrorist sociopath who has a lot of connections to powerful people and our friends need our help! We are ALL Stacy McCain and Aaron Worthing now.


Dan Riehl predicts that Kimberlin is going DOWN and it will be due to “1,000 cuts and blog posts from a guerrilla army“, and I have been putting this post together now for the past 18 hours (after 3 or 4 days of research & collecting links) to try to do my part to help make it happen.

Ace of Spades has enlisted in this war and brings his mighty army of Morons with him! Be sure to visit the link and read the whole thing.

The Lonely Conservative has another must read post about WHY it is so vitally important that all people of conscience get involved, regardless of whether or not they have blogs.

The Tamminator at HillBuzz is in and she says:

Free speech can be dangerous when you’re dealing with an unhinged terrorist.

Of course she’s right, which makes it all the more important that we all look after our own and have each other’s backs in theses sorts of situations, and not be afraid to join the fight – nothing worth fighting for is without risks, fight anyway.

Ladd Ehlinger believes there are things about the Kimberlin scandal that relate to other recent big events in the Conservative social media and writes about where this all may be ultimately coming from:

I believe that the Obama campaign has been actively attempting to harass conservative bloggers and activists both online and off in a 21st-century “Chicago Way,” a creepy and disturbing trend in politics that touches each and every person who has ever used Facebook or Twitter.

Let’s just call the whole thing “SocialMediaGate” to make it easier.

Ever tweeted or facebooked a story negative to Obama? How much do you want to bet your name is in a database, and some sociopathic creep with bad hygiene and some donation dollars from Barbara Streisand spent a few minutes drooling over his computer screen, trying to decide if you were a soft enough target to harass online — or off? Just to make you an example, as Aaron Walker the blogger was?

That’s not just Chicago-Way tactics, that’s straight out Gestapo tactics retooled for social media.

So yes, I think the story is important enough to disseminate, and that’s what I did yesterday and will continue to do. RTWT

Ladd has a follow-up post also, excerpted below:

I had a conversation with a political consulting friend about the matter.

“Is Stacy serious?” my friend asked. “I look at this post and he’s rattling his tip jar? I thought he was joking.”

Yes, I said; that’s just Stacy. It’s serious.

“This is crazy. Does Neal Rauhauser and all these other people really think they can associate with a guy like Kimberlin and ever hope to work in politics again? Not even a loopy Democrat would want to risk hiring someone who hangs around with a convicted domestic terrorist. What the hell are they thinking? Sure you can do dirty tricks – but this is way beyond that.”

True, but this is not politics as usual.

We like to think that in the U.S. of A., we can do politics without degenerating into third-world mayhem. We have political consultants and talking heads. It’s all about polls, the latest meme, marketing. Why, it’s nothing more than Coke vs. Pepsi.

People operate on that comfortable assumption.

But I think this election year is going to be different.

What if the Soros camp knows Kimberlin’s past and present and aren’t bothered by it? Look to the latest mayhem in Chicago; look to who funds the Occupy movement. I think you have your answer. I know I have mine.

Hard-core progressives believe that conservatives are pure evil. Evil! Evil, and must be destroyed. Long-winded intricate essays on Keynesian economics in the Weekly Standard is not going to change that.

And if your opposition thinks and feels that you are evil incarnate, then it will act that way, too.

As I said in my previous post, Social-Media Gate is the biggest story of the new century. Future historians will look back to this era as the beginning of the end of politics as usual, and the launch of the modern-day electronic equivalent of the Italian Borgias and Medicis. Rule by tribal political affiliations, with a dash of sword and social-media skulduggery.

And yes, I believe all of these roads lead to Obama, and yes, I think we’ll have a messy third-world-style election come November. With a lot of people being forced to flee their homes in terror.

Unless, of course, we turn the tide and shout loudly and from every rooftop: this is America! We don’t give money to thugs to intimidate our political opposition! We don’t force families to flee from their homes!

The larger conservative media interests out there – such as, Daily Caller, and so forth – have been entirely remiss in reporting on this story for quite some time. Completely ignoring the swatting of Mike Stack and Patterico was beyond poor journalism, especially when you consider that Andrew Brietbart himself was talking about it before his untimely death.

I hope this is simply due to trying to “time” the story, or lack of understanding on the nature of it, and that they don’t think silence will protect them in this Politics Unusual Age. Silence is not the same as marking your door in the land of the Pharaohs. Every door will be opened, silent or not.

So speak now, or forever be damned to a shotgun marriage with the new Era of Politics Unusual. RTWT

Speedway Bomber terrorist Brett Kimberlin has a whole system of connections protecting him, but that does not make him invulnerable. I have long advised that we use the left’s own tools against them, and in shit situation, that means we need to go all Cloward-Piven on his ass and overwhelm HIS system. The Conservative Blogosphere is just the place to do that.

As I was fixing to wrap up this post (a few hours ago), I got an email tip from a friend with link to iOwnTheWorld which links to a brilliant idea by Lee Stanahan:

Friday, May 25th Is “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day”
Brett Kimberlin is a convicted bomber, perjurer and left-wing attack dog. He’s attacked — in no particular order — conservative bloggers like Andrew Breibart, Patterico, Liberty Chick, Aaron Worthing, Stacy McCain and others.

Here’s a short, easy to follow video I put together on Kimberlin:

This is no war of words; Kimberlin is a serial litigator who has filed over 100 lawsuits by his own account and he takes people to court, claiming they are harassing him. He calls their employers. I stand with all these people, some of whom are my friends. I’m launching a new effort on my own that I hope will help.

The only effective way I to fight Brett Kimberlin is for as many people to research and write about him as possible.

So I’m declaring this Friday, May 25th as Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

Here’s what you do to take part…

  1. Research Brett Kimberlin on your own. Don’t trust secondary sources; look for the orginal articles articles published about him, too.
  2. On Friday, May 25th — write an honest, factually accurate post about what you learned and what your OPINION is. Brett may try and sue you, so be accurate, factual and separate fact from opinion.
  3. The post doesn’t have to be long — ANYTHING helps.
  4. After you post, Tweet, share, whatever — get the post out there.
This foolishness has gone on long enough.

Nice Deb has more about the video:

That chilling music is very apropos – Kimberlin is an evil menace to society, and must be stopped before he hurts someone again. Just as chilling is the fact that there are powerful and deep pocketed entities on the left that are willing to fund his nefarious operations. That anyone in their right minds would want to have their names associated with such a miscreant should be shocking, but we’re talking about institutional left, here. There is apparently no limit to the depths of depravity Marxists will sink to in order to destroy their enemies..


This Friday, let’s all be Stacy McCain – let’s all be all Aaron Worthing…


In other words flood the zone…

If you don’t have a blog, use twitter, facebook, email, snail mail, call your local newspapers and tv stations, or whatever else you can do to get the word out about the vile terrorist bomber Brett Kimberlin and his ongoing terrorization of innocent people. He must be stopped and all of us togehter are the only ones who can or will do it.

Let’s Roll!

UPDATE – May 24, 2012: Thank you to everyone who has been reading this post, sharing it, and linking to it! I apologize for the delay in getting back here to update with thanky-linky-love, but doing these sorts of massive posts has always taken a lot out of me, and now that I am still seriously ill, this time around it completely wiped me out. Add to that my normal mombligations and the death of a beloved family pet, and hopefully those who’ve been waiting for the well deserved recognition of having linked here from their blogs will forgive me. Special thanks to one very kind reader who hit my tip jar yesterday, thanks to her kindness I was able to get the refills for my expensive medication that I needed to get taken care of today. Tomorrow, Friday, May 25th, is Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day; I will either put up a new (smaller) post referencing this one and including updates on new developments, or if I am still really run down then I’ll just bump this post and add new developments as an update. We’ll see. And now, without further ado, here are the link-backs, at least the ones that I am aware of. If you linked to this post but don’t see your site listed, please let me know and I will add it. Thanks again, everyone!

Michelle Malkin has joined the fight and has linked to this post. Thank you, Michelle!

Welcome, Instapundit readers! Thank you, Glenn!

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UPDATE – Friday, May 25, 2012 – Everybody Blogs About Brett Kimberlin Day:

Today is going to be a bad day for Speedway Bomber terrorist Brett Kimberlin, he is going to reap the freaking whirlwind as the internet goes Cloward-Piven on his ass. Bloggers big & small are joining the fight and ever more information about terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s nefarious activities and his enablers who are quite possibly just as nasty as he is, is coming out. The main stream media of course is ignoring it, and if they weigh in at all it will likely be to defend the creep, but that’s not going to stop people from learning the truth, many people realize that the main stream media has ago long driven itself into irrelevance.

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UPDATE – May 25, 2012 11:00 PM EST: Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day is nearly complete, and a massive tsunami of awareness raising has washed over the internet, may it spill over into other media as well and continue to build! I humbly suggest (if it hasn’t been suggested already) that this event be extended to Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Weekend, and if necessary, then EBABK Week/Month/Year or whatever it takes until he and his enablers are no longer able to wreak havoc on people’s lives and even put those people’s lives in mortal danger.

I wanted to put up a new post with new information that has come out about Speedway Bomber terrorist Brett Kimberlin today, but family obligations and the extreme pain and fatigue from my illness have kept me from being able to do little more than read, tweet, and give “thank you” link-backs to the people who have linked to this post, so I simply recommend that you check out all of the links posted here to the other bloggers because each has great information and their own unique approach to covering aspects of this hugely complicated and still unfolding story. I will be bumping this post, which was originally posted shortly before 2am on May 23rd (it took some 20 hours to put together on top of the days of research gathering), so it can serve as my official contribution to Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. Thank you to everybody who has read this post and who has shared the information that contains it to help educate people about the dangerous violent criminal terrorist and serial liar Brett Kimberlin, The Speedway Bomber, who must be stopped.

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If my health allows (there are bad days and somewhat less bad days with the diseases that I am afflicted with), then I will have a new post up tomorrow with more information, otherwise, follow me on Twitter because I do try to tweet new things as I come across them, and Twitter is mostly easy for me to do even on my bad days.

UPDATE – Saturday May 26, 2012 11:30 AM:

The Daley Gator has today’s headline of the day:

Today Is ‘Everybody KEEP Blogging About Brett Kimberlin’ Day… So Turn Off Your TVs And Spread The Word About The Most Vile, Left-Wing Terrorist To Come Down The Pike Since Bill Ayers

I humbly suggest that every day should be “KEEP Blogging About Brett Kimberlin Day” until the Speedway Bomber (and his enablers) is rendered completely unable to intimidate, terrorize, and destroy the lives of people.

Yesterday was a big day in the blogosphere, and new details have emerged about just how very evil and dangerous Brett Kimberlin and his leftist enablers truly are – it is far worse than most people could even imagine.

Patterico has a MUST READ about what SWATting is, and how terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his friends used it to almost get him killed:


In the last radio interview Andrew Breitbart ever gave, on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Breitbart talked about a new ruthless tactic used by thugs against political opponents:

[O]ne of the things they’ve done to people who have worked with me in the past, including an L.A. prosecutor, is to “SWAT.” That means that they’re spoofing phones, pretending to be somebody else’s phone, calling 911, and saying “I killed somebody” and then the person’s home is met with the guns drawn, the SWAT and the helicopters, in a horrifying act. It’s happened twice: once in New Jersey, once in Los Angeles, with an L.A. County . . . prosecutor who [is] associated with me.”

I am that L.A. County prosecutor. And in this post, you’ll hear the hoax call that sent police to my house, pointing loaded guns at me.


At 12:35 a.m. on July 1, 2011, sheriff’s deputies pounded on my front door and rang my doorbell. They shouted for me to open the door and come out with my hands up.

When I opened the door, deputies pointed guns at me and ordered me to put my hands in the air. I had a cell phone in my hand. Fortunately, they did not mistake it for a gun.

They ordered me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. They handcuffed me. They shouted questions at me: IS THERE ANYONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE? and WHERE ARE THEY? and ARE THEY ALIVE?

I told them: Yes, my wife and my children are in the house. They’re upstairs in their bedrooms, sleeping. Of course they’re alive.

Deputies led me down the street to a patrol car parked about 2-3 houses away. At least one neighbor was watching out of her window as I was placed, handcuffed, in the back of the patrol car. I saw numerous patrol cars on my quiet street. There was a police helicopter flying overhead, shining a spotlight down on us as I walked towards the patrol car. Several neighbors later told us the helicopter woke them up. I saw a fire engine and an ambulance. A neighbor later told me they had a HazMat vehicle out on the street as well.

Meanwhile, police rushed into my home. They woke up my wife, led her downstairs and to the front porch, frisked her, and asked her where the children were. Then police ordered her to stand on the front porch with her hands against the wall while they entered my children’s bedrooms to make sure they were alive.

The call that sent deputies to my home was a hoax. Someone had pretended to be me. They called the police to say I had shot my wife. The sheriff’s deputies who arrived at my front door believed they were about to confront an armed man who had just shot his wife. I don’t blame the police for any of their actions. But I blame the person who made the call.

Because I could have been killed.

The weirdest part of the whole thing was that I halfway expected this might happen. Because I was not the first one it had happened to.

I think it’s about time you heard the call that sent police to my home.


What you just heard and read is no joke. It actually happened. The phenomenon is called “SWATting,” because it can bring a SWAT team to your front door. SWATting is a particularly dangerous hoax in which a caller, generally a computer hacker, calls a police department to report a shooting at the home of his enemy. The caller will place this call to the police department’s business line, using Skype or a similar service, and hiding behind Internet proxies to make the call impossible to trace. Anxious police, believing they are responding to the home of an armed and dangerous man, show up at the front door pointing guns and screaming orders.

That is exactly what happened to me. It is a very dangerous hoax that could get the target killed. THERE IS MUCH MORE, READ IT ALL

J. Christian Adams writes at the Election Law Center that Kimberlin and his friends who SWATted Patterico likely violated Federal Law:

The story about the SWATTING and intimidation is shocking. It might also be illegal.

18 USC 241 prohibits intimidation against Americans for exercising free speech rights. The statute says:

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

Read the astonishing story how a writer for the Brad Blog has potentially engaged in a nationwide campaign of physical intimidation by placing false 911 calls sending midnight SWAT teams to the homes of conservatives.

Ace of Spades has some very important advice about what we ALL should be doing, in addition to sharing what we are learning about terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s nasty malicious misdeeds, in order to truly put an end to his reign of terror for good:

If you are interested in seeing justice and Free Speech prevail, please write or call your Congressman (or a nearby Congressman, or a Congressman known to be responsive to abuses by the left, if you think your own Congressman won’t act).

Write to him and ask him or her for the following tangible steps, or any other steps he might think prudent:

In addition to reading his record into the Congressional Record, to finally end this absurd contention that it is now apparently illegal to mention the facts laid out in US federal court records, there is tangible legislative action that can be requested:

* That a 501(c) “charity” must certify its principals and employees are not engaging in harassment, intimidation, or attempts to punish free speech, on pain of perjury if this is false.

Will Brett Kimberlin’s business partners and co-principals sign such a certification?

* That a 501(c) principal conducts his legal affairs through a licensed lawyer and not pro se (on his own behalf) unless he can demonstrate that he is indigent.

See, 99% of lawyers would not put their license at risk for frivolous crap like this. Kimberlin can because he has no law license to lose. He represents himself, as as is his right as a citizen… but then, he has no right to run a 501(c). I think a 501(c)’s principals can be slightly burdened to have their suits signed off by a real lawyer, who can face sanctions for false or vexatious litigation against Free Speech.

* That they urge the FBI and DoJ and IRS investigate this matter, as well as possibly-related crimes of intimidation of Free Speech, such as Patterico’s and Mike Stack’s SWATting.

Are those related? We don’t know. It would be nice to know, however.

* That the Government Oversight Committee (or whichever committee is proper) hold hearings on the possible abuse of 501(c) charities for uses against the public interest.

* That Congress stiffen penalties (or add them) such a punitive damages and possibly inductive relief against anyone attempting to use harassment and intimidation to suppress Free Speech. And that they add a law which permits a judge to rule that a litigant bringing vexatious lawsuits with the purpose of chilling free speech be henceforth required to post a large bond before suing, and to have his lawsuits signed off by a lawyer or judge before filing.

I am no expert in this area. Quite frankly, I don’t know what, specifically, can be done. These steps seem reasonable to me, and accomplishable; but perhaps they are unworkable.

Our Congressmen are, however, experts in these things (or have staffers who are experts).

We can at least ask them to put their expertise to use, searching for some resolution to this. RTWT

Jimmie Bise at The Sundries Shack explains how YOU could end up a target of the sort of life altering harassment, intimidation, and abuse that so many Conservative Bloggers have been subjected to as well. It is not as difficult as you might think. Please do read the whole thing.

Ladd Ehlinger at FilmLadd provides us with some refreshing and much needed levity in:

Top Signs You’re Being Harassed By Brett Kimberlin

The Convicted Criminal Lying Felon Speedway Bomber Terrorist Funded by Barbara Streisand

Thank you for the smiles, Ladd!

A little note about the Destrosphere: Conservative Bloggers are on the front lines in the war of information, doing the work that nobody else will do, and they often do so at great personal risk (as some of you are just now becoming aware), but they are largely treated like chopped liver by the old media and many of the people who directly benefit from their efforts. There is very little glory, money, or support for the work that they do, but they do it because there are important stories which need to be told that will otherwise remain buried or distorted by the agenda driven media and somebody has to tell them! Please remember that when you visit these blogs and if you appreciate what they do, show them your support by commenting tot heir posts, sharing their links, and (of course) throwing a few buck in their tip jars when you can to help motivate them to keep going despite all of the nasty things that they have to deal with as a result of their work.

Here are the “thank you” link-backs to sites that have linked to this post (that I am aware of) since the last update here: The Daley Gator, Adrienne’s Corner, iOwnTheWorld, Kendell Lang Social Media Optimization Guru, Absolute Moral Authority (twice), THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE, lgstarr, All American Blogger, Absolute Moral Authority (twice again), Sentry Journal, and, re-posted this piece in its entirety. All American Blogger. Thank you, everyone! Again, if you’ve linked here and do not see a thanky-link-back, please let me know and I will add you. Readers, please check out all of the great blogs listed that have linked here, as they provide new information and different angles on the huge and complex story of the convicted criminal serial liar bullying creep known as the Speedway Bomber, terrorist Brett Kimberlin, who must be stopped.

UPDATE: May 30, 2012 7:20 AM:

Over the memorial Day Weekend, Erick Erickson of RedState, who is also a CNN contributor, suffered an attempted SWATting. Luckily for Erick and his family, he’d already warned his local authorities that such a thing might happen so it didn’t turn out as traumatic as when the creeps did it to Patterico, but it is still chilling, nonetheless.

Also over the weekend, Patterico was interviewed on Lee Stranahan’s radio show and a caller claiming to be his SWATter called in to mock him and the other victims and even gleefully mocked the fact that Michelle Malkin’s cousin is missing. These people are the epitome of evil.

Yesterday, Tuesday, may 29, 2012, was Aaron Worthing/Walker’s court date versus terrorist Brett Kimberlin. Aaron went in alone, and it went very badly for him – he was arrested! There will be a new post up about this later today. Please keep him in your prayers!

This post is linked at Atlas Shrugs, The Winds of Jihad, and Frugal Cafe. Thank you!

Together we WILL put an end to Brett Kimberlin’s reign of terror. Please pray for all of his victims and do whatever you can to help get the word out about him so we can ensure that there will be no more new victims of Speedway Bomber terrorist Brett Kimberlin.

More information to come, lot’s more, Stay Tuned…

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