Law enforcement, government officials, the media and even large conservative new media outlets appear to be curiously disinterested in the case of a convicted terrorist bomber who is also suspected of murdering the grandmother of a child he was allegedly molesting, who now, along with his flunkies, target bloggers, files frivolous lawsuits (at least two bloggers have gotten arrested for telling the truth about this creep and his violent criminal background) threaten those bloggers’ families, make fake 911 calls to the police (that’s illegal, BTW) to report fictional shootings that prompts the cops to send heavily armed SWAT teams to blogger’s homes (and expecting to be confronting a violent crime scene along with possibly meeting armed resistance, making it extremely dangerous for both the cops & the SWATting targets), cause them to lose their jobs, have to flee their homes for the safety of their families, while the terrorist thug collecting huge sums of money (tax free) with which to continue funding his reign of terror and intimidation against innocent people (and their families) whose only offense was exercising their First Amendment right, which is guaranteed by the United States Constitution, to tell the truth about this dangerous man and his post prison continuation of very nasty behavior with the assistance of some other seriously messed up people, done with the intention of silencing critics – by any means they deem is necessary.
Someone is likely to get killed by these freaks if we cannot get law enforcement and government officials to DO THEIR JOBS and protect the intended victims, not the perpetrators of such nasty (and again, illegal) tactics. If someone does end up physically harmed by those monsters, the blood will be on the hands of all who could have said and dine something but did nothing instead, people such as law enforcement, the media, and those who were elected into office to represent US, as they are supposed to do. Responsible law enforcement would be investigating the attacks and prosecuting the perpetrators, and also providing police protection to those who have become targets.
Convicted terrorist bomber Brett Kimberlin was hired by the Obama administration, who are either so incompetent that they never bothered to vet him, or they are so treasonous that they thought it was a good idea to have a violent convicted and unrepentant terrorist bomber, accused child molester, and a suspected murderer, to have access to the US State Department and high profile visitors from other countries, many of which are known exporters of violent terrorists themselves.
There is something very fucking wrong with this picture.

The Camp Of The Saints

Ali Akbar, one of the founders of the National Bloggers Club and a conservative political consultant, is the latest conservative to be targeted by Leftist thugs. 

As is typical, they’ve gone after Ali’s family as well.

Over at the site Breitbart Unmasked, a site suspected to be closely connected with Brett Kimberlin, Neil Rauhauser, and Brad Friedman, a post has been published which makes a number of baseless charges against the Club and those people associated with Ali.

The person or persons behind @OccupyRebellion have been publicizing this posting.  Why are they the only ones and who are they?  And who are the people running Breitbart Unmasked?

I’ll have more on this story as it becomes available.  [Bob: See my second Update below]

Ali Akbar is an honorable man and I pity any fool who takes him on.

UPDATE at 1957…

-Ace has thought up a way to protest

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