Prices have gone up at the grocery store too, many things have doubled in cost, and in some cases tripled and quadrupled. I’d like to see someone do a chart on that. Moms know it’s harder to feed the family, smaller packages of products have replaced larger ones ont he shelves but they cost the same or even more than the original packages. I remember when there used to be leftover mac & cheese which could go into a casserole the next day, not anymore. why? Because the boxes are smaller. This is the case with coffee too, which used to be in 16 oz cans (for like 2 bucks) then it went down to 12, 11.5, and now most are only ten ounces, but they cost around $6-8 a can where I live! Bread used to be cheap, but it’s close to five bucks for a single loaf now, unless you buy it on sale, and if the store isn’t having a sale that week, you are SOL. which reminds me, please hit the freaking tip jars of hungry bloggers like me and my colleagues! And vote Republican.

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