In honor of Islam this year I think we infidels need our own Anti-Islamic holiday, so I am proud to present #EverybodyTweetMohammedDay. And this is no simple holiday, this is for all Kufar far and wide. How you participate is all up to you…

This might be Mohammed. It might just be a sti...

You can proudly support the US (and our allies) militaries.

You can blaspheme Islam all you want as long as it is authentic Islamic material, be it photos of the many atrocities,or quotes from their “holy” books..

If your lazy you can always commemorate Everybody Draw Mohammed Day in tribute and draw a picture of a certain pedophile warlord and upload it to your timeline.

Just don’t forget that hashtag #EverybodyTweetMohammedDay and if your feelin extra saucy add the hashtag(s) #Islam and/or #myjihad!

YES! There will be prizes!

3rd place A personal call from me to the CAIR office of your choice where I will proceed…

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  1. SignPainterGuy March 18, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    This is almost reason enough to start a Twitter account.

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