#ODESSA When Muslims Burn People Alive, It’s Called Terrorism. When Ukrainians Do It, It’s Called “Russia’s Fault”

I have not heard or read anything about these deaths in Odessa anyplace else except at The Mad Jewess blog. Now, I do not claim to be educated in the Ukraine conflict, but I do know that my friend, The Mad Jewess has been paying close attention to stuff that’s been happening there since last autumn – long before anyone else that I am aware of, and I also know that I do not trust the main stream media in any other matters these days do why should I be expected to trust their spin on Ukraine?
I also know that Shep Smith has consistently supported the wrong side in recent events, such as Egypt (he supported the rise of the MoBros and was against the Egyptian people when they chose not to be oppressed by said MoBros, and he was on the wrong side in Libya, and Syria, for example, so why should I accept that he’s not on the wrong side now? Anyway, regardless of what you think you know about Russia & Ukraine, you should at least LOOK at sources other than what is being spoon fed to you by the usual suspects and consider the fact that the facts might not be what you have been told. I’m just sayin’ …

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When Muslims Burn People Alive, It’s Called Terrorism. When Ukrainian Fascists Do It, It’s Called “Russia’s Fault”

It’s supposed to be called terrorism, but that was just to get your attention….

And, that’s how America & EU rolls now.  When blacks murder whites, it’s called ‘social justice.’  When Muslims shoot-up military bases, its ‘workplace violence.’  We used to call it terror.   In my life, terror is terror.  No matter who does it.

Muslims burned this Pastor alive in Nigeria=Terror:

Ukrainian fascists burned these people alive=Putin/Russia’s fault:


There is a photo in the dictionary next to the word hypocrisy.  The photo is a map of the west.

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