Common Core Doesn’t Help Underprivileged Kids

Never mind those silly commercials that have chubby women claiming to be teachers who say Common Core is wonderful for all the children, because those commercials are just not true. I have seen first-hand how it undermines children’s education by destroying kids’ natural love of learning at the very time when it should be nurtured and encouraged to blossom.
Common Core hurts young children, and it is an especially nasty thing when inflicted on special needs children and children who are economically disadvantaged.
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I’ve stated this before – Common Core is bad for special needs and minority students. So has Dr. Gary Thompson. Let’s try it again, from a teacher.

Bear in mind that this teacher is fine with the flawed and experimental standards, just not when it is applied to specific sets of kids.

Emma O. taught at a public school in Atlanta where 96% of students are economically disadvantaged for two years through the Teach for America program.

Here’s what she told us via email:

Common Core is well-intentioned with its goal being that everyone graduate from high school “college and career ready.” That’s an important outcome. However, my students struggle with basic proficiency in many areas. Our high school’s graduation rate was 43% last year — and of the kids who did graduate, they will most certainly struggle even if they do go on to college. To me, our main…

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