Behind The Common Core Curtain In NC -PT 1

I suspect this is how it played out in all the states that signed on to the Common Core Catastrophe. All the same buzzwords and evasion techniques were used whenever I spoke to employees of my children’s former school about my concerns with this destructive new “improvement” to education.
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GUEST POST ICONThis article  and the following installments are Guest Posts by a North Carolina Educator.
This is an important look behind the Curtain of Common Core in North Carolina.

The writer is a School Counselor in NC public schools. Part 1 will detail the implementation of Common Core into the School Counselor’s school. Part 2 will detail Technology. Part 3 will be SIS and Part 4 will be testing.

Part 1 – The Implementation of Common Core

In 2011 our county was holding a training. You come in for 2 days over the summer, you get $100 per day, they train a group of you, that group takes the information back to their school.

I signed up, earned $200 and I learned things like:

It’s the same thing we’ve been doing, it’s just a different name.”

It’s not a curriculum, it’s a set of standards.”

It’s more rigorous…

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