Obama’s wacko Libyan policy. Attacks UAE and EGYPT for trying to save Tripoli

Libya is all effed up because Obama effed it up by aiding and arming the freaking JIHADIS, as I explained 3 and a half years ago:
Obama wants Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS/ISIL types running roughshod all over the Middle East, Africa, and soon to Europe and the rest of the West because those are HIS people, as evidence by his repeatedly taking their side over the non-jihadis every single time there is a conflict. It has been very obvious to those of us who have been paying attention for years now:
Too bad nobody paid attention to us.

The Egyptian people rejected Obama’s Muslim Brothers, and they should ignore any bleating from Obama now because he does not have anyone’s best interest at heart except for his own and his violent totalitarian Muslim Brothers who he keeps giving weapons, aid and comfort to.

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It took two foreign sources to demonstrate this inane U.S. policy in Libya. First we have the fall of Tripoli. Of course to these animal primitives Islamic whatever. Obama was determined for the Muslim Brotherhood come into power. But it now gets worse. We do nothing. So UAE and Egypt take it upon themselves to try to rid Libya of these terrorists because they are bright enough to figure out they are coming their way next and wait, don’t we want the advancement of ISIS to stop? So pick up the next story  in which the U.S. and Europe condemns “outside interference”. Try and make sense of this one. Was it because Lurch was not told or involved?

UAE and Egypt behind bombing raids against Libyan militias, say US officials

US officials have claimed the United Arab Emirates and Egypt were behind several air strikes on Islamist militias in Libya

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2 responses to “Obama’s wacko Libyan policy. Attacks UAE and EGYPT for trying to save Tripoli

  1. bunkerville August 26, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Thanks for the link. Glad to see you at least about and posting. Didn’t know you had this blog.

    • Zilla of the Resistance August 26, 2014 at 3:33 pm

      Yeah, this is my “lazyblogger” blog because I have a button on my phone that lets me reblog from other WordPress.com sites, I cannot do that with my self-hosted blogs. I have been without a computer to blog with for about a year now, but that should be remedied some time tomorrow & then everyone will see lot more from me.

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