Behind The Common Core Curtain – Part 3


GUEST POST ICONThis is part three in a Guest Post series on Common Core.  Read Part One and Part Two.
This is an important look behind the Curtain of Common Core in North Carolina.

The writer is a School Counselor in NC public schools.  Part 1 will detail the implementation of Common Core into the School Counselor’s school. Part 2 will detail Technology. Part 3 will be SIS and Part 4 will be testing.

Part 3 – Student Information Systems are big.

We also had a brand new student data system – Powerschool. Teachers had Powerteacher. Many of you may know it as Homebase. Pearson made it.

Each student has an ID number. They have always had ID numbers. This is not new. They get it and use it to check things out in the media center and for their lunch account. The new thing about this I didn’t notice until…

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