Because of course: ‘Reliable dumbass’ Oliver Willis plays the ‘Crusades’ card

Clearly no IQ tests or psyche evaluations are required to be a leftist sock puppet – unless the prerequisites are a low IQ and mental derangement.

And since that asshat DID bring up the Crusades, let us not forget that the Crusades were a response to islamic savagery. And while I am here, in case some jackass of the same ilk as the dingus being discussed in this Twitchy post I’m reblogging spits out the tired old talking point that “muslims are part of American history”, allow me to remind you that indeed they are, muslim savages attacked American and European sailors and did vile things to them in the name of islam (just like that pedophile freak mohammed did to innocent people because he was a fucking monster) and America responded appropriately (Google “Barbary Pirates”), and muslims have committed repeated acts of islamic terrorism for islam (just like that sick fuck mohammed did), both at home and abroad, against Americans and other non-jihadis long before the 1993 & 2001 WTC islamic terror attacks and over and over again afterwards, even today when a muslim savage chopped off a lady’s head in Oklahoma after failing to convert her & other coworkers to the religion of pieces. Just sayin’…


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