A Response To Public Schools First’s Common Core Propaganda Piece

Common Core’s paid pushers like to insult people who are opposed to the destructive & developmentally inappropriate CCS. Common Core’s hired hacks use projection by claiming that opponents are liars, when the lies are really coming from the people who are lining their pockets by cramming their experimental garbage down our kids’ throats. Thank goodness we have people like Lady Liberty 1885 to throw truth bombs at the Common Core pushers’ lie-holes.


Government here to help common core

I found this article at the Common Core pushing Public Schools First NC site linking to my site. In the article, they quote me on Common Core:

2. and 3.  “The standards are dumbing down the kids”/ “The standards are too hard for the kids”

According to Glenn Beck’s website, “Many teachers, educators, and parents believe Common Core is dumbing down America’s children.” At the same time, some find the standards too hard.  In a piece for WUNC, Reema Khrais featured parent Andrea Dillon  who “says Common Core is not developmentally appropriate for her son. ‘Just for an example, they’re doing persuasive writing pieces in first-grade where he has to have an opening sentence, three supporting sentences and a closing argument for a text he’s read, and he has to do that on his own – he’s seven,’ she said.”

So which is it?  Too…

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