Obama decrees another grab – Closes vast Pacific area to fishing

Another massive land grab, or sea grab in this case, by our tyrannical overlord who occupies the White House. Another vicious act to harm the American economy while helping our adversaries – accomplished by executive decree – another act of TREASON that will be buried by the press and meet little, if any, resistance from the gutless cowards who allegedly represent us in Congress and the Senate.
Please be sure to visit Bunkerville & read the whole thing.

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

While we are looking the other way, Obama gets out that Pen and Phone. He loves the “Monument Act” which makes King George the III seem like a piker. Obama turns his gaze Westward this time. Let’s hit the fishing industry. Let’s close down vast amounts of territory making it off-limits to fishing. Better yet, this will help out China. All in the name of Climate Change. Just another stop along the way. Recall Obama eyes Western land for National Monuments back in 2010?

The latest ocean grab Via Fox News:

The decree that President Obama signed on Thursday boosted the size of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, a 77,000-square-mile preserve south and west of Hawaii, to some 490,000 square miles of protected area around a speckling of U.S.-controlled islands—an area that Secretary of State John Kerry, who hailed the move, declared to be “twice the size of Texas.

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One response to “Obama decrees another grab – Closes vast Pacific area to fishing

  1. bunkerville September 28, 2014 at 8:43 am

    Thanks for the link. After the fall election that phone and pen will be working overtime.

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