A Liberal lie exposed, Gun Control Cultists are NOT anti-violence

Leftists are vile and hateful people who are apparently completely devoid of human souls.

The Daley Gator

Via Bearing Arms

You might think that after the high-profile deaths of two people in an Ohio Walmart due to a man grossly exaggerated the actions of an innocent man in a 911 call that Moms Demand Action gun control supporters might refrain from promoting the idea of SWATting for a while. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, SWATing is the practice of making false or grossly exaggerated 911 call in hopes of creating a violent response by police officers who think that they are responding to a violent crime in progress, such as a murder or active shooting scenario.

Unfortunately, the victims of SWATting are almost exclusively law-abiding citizens caught completely unaware when highly-charged police show up with guns drawn and primed for a lethal force encounter.

Unfortunately, the photo (above) of a man legally shopping in Arizona prompted Moms Demand zealots to gleefully suggest that they…

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