Dead humans are ‘great’! PETA pimps ‘I’ll kill you’ t-shirt [photo]

Meanwhile, those PETA freaks KILL animals deliberately, lots of them.
If you have a companion animal and you see PETA freaks lurking around near them, do whatcha gotta do to encourage them to stay the hell away from your property and your pets because PETA freaks have a nasty habit of “liberating” innocent people’s innocent dogs & cats by abducting them from their loving homes, and then the PETA freaks murder those innocent (and terrified) animals because they think it is better for a companion animal to die than to suffer the company of the loving human beings who had committed to caring for their beloved animal friends for the entirety of their lives.

PETA are cruel and hypocritical commie pinko rat bastard douche bag jackasses who don’t really give much of a fuck about animals, as evidenced by how they themselves kidnap & kill them and how they conveniently look the other way for the sake of political expediency when their fellow leftists kill animals. AND, and, and, not a peep out of those PETA scumbags over the ritualistic TORTURE of islamic halal animal slaughter – that alone should tell ya everything you need to know about PETA. Fuck them.

Fuck PETA, they are anti-human, anti-happiness, and they are cruel heartless jackasses. Fuck them right in their noiseholes with a righteous jackhammer. Fuckum nine times sideways. Seriously, they are total assholes, fuck them. They should go to hell, or some islamic hellhole where they can be made to witness the islamic brutality towards animals that the PETA freaks’ leftism forces them to ignore.

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