America under siege: Cable outages reported during tonight’s premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’

With all due respect to the good folks at Twitchy, we are bombarded with bad news 24/7 in the real world and The Walking Dead provides a nice escape from the horrors of real life in our upside down world, and people waited seven months for the new episode. Luckily, my cable was just fine last night, but even if it wasn’t, my cable company lets us watch TV on laptops, kindles, or smartphones with their app as long as there is an internet connection. If TWD (or any tv show that you don’t want to miss) fans live someplace where Optimum (formerly known as Cablevision) is available as a cable provider, they should look into getting it.

Of course there are more important things in the world than TV, but a little bit of mental escapism is not necessarily a bad thing – and most of us can’t afford vacations, golf, or any other of the recreational activities that the ruling class in this country enjoy (on our dime) when they are not busy fucking up our lives and endangering our safety and health with their fucked up “foreign invaders first” and “islamic supremacists first” policies.

I’d rather deal with a herd of the undead than a bunch of leftists any day. At least we know how to stop zombies from causing further damage – nobody has successfully stopped leftists from wrecking up the place or has even really bothered to try stop them lately.

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