5 Year Anniversary Of Workplace Violence

Our country’s disgraceful treatment of the victims of the Fort Hood islamic terror massacre. Read the whole thing at McNorman’s.

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This should have been printed front page of every major newspaper in this country.

Neal M. Sher and Reed D. Rubinstein, attorneys for over 120 Fort Hood terror attack victims and family members, issued the following statement today, on the fifth anniversary of that attack:

“Five years ago today, the terrorist Nidal Hasan yelled “Allah akbar” and,  wearing the uniform of an U.S. Army major, began slaughtering Americans.   Fourteen innocent people lost their lives and over fifty were injured.  For five years, Hasan has bragged of committing this atrocity in the name of Islam to protect the Taliban. 

Hasan’s victims saw their lives forever changed that terrible day.  But the real tragedy of Fort Hood was that our government could have easily prevented their suffering.   The U.S. Army and FBI had long known that Hasan was a jihadist with al-Qaeda connections and, simply by following their own standard…

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One response to “5 Year Anniversary Of Workplace Violence

  1. mcnorman November 6, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    Really sickening. Criminals are treated with courtesy and care compared to the victims. Zero is a disgrace to the office.

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