Man claims PETA stole, killed family pet

This is not an unusual occurance for those PETA scumbags. They steal (“liberate”) companion animals AND KILL THEM often, because they think being a LIVE pet in a loving home is “cruel” as opposed to tearing that animal from it’s beloved human family getting stuck in a cage, and then getting gassed or injected to death.
Eff You, PETA, if you ever get ideas about MY pets, you will not like what will happen to you.
The people who refuse to prosecute this CRIME are fucking cowardly douche bags and probably in cahoots politically with those PETA assholes somehow.
That poor family, and that poor little dog. May someone with the courage and know-how rise to the challenge and help them find justice.


[anvplayer video=”379287″ /]

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Maya the chihuahua was a comfort to a little girl who moved to the Eastern Shore from Mexico. The girl’s family said the dog had a good life in their Parksley home and was well cared for. They told they can’t wrap their heads around why an organization that looks out for animals, took the dog from her home.

The young girl is now devastated.

“She didn’t want to go to school, she didn’t want to do jobs, she’s crying,” said the girl’s father, Wilbur Cerate. He noticed Maya missing when he got home one Saturday in October. “My chihuahua, when she sees my car, she come to me,” Cerate said. “That Saturday she did not come.”

Cerate checked his security camera and the video shows a van with “PETA” on the side back into his driveway. Two women got out of the van and one walked…

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