The 50 blogs you MUST follow in 2015

I have not been near a computer in a while, so you can imagine my surprise when I checked the dashboard at the and discovered a big spike in traffic – and then an even bigger surprise when I realized that the spike is due to the amazing honor of having been named to “THE 50 BLOGS YOU MUST FOLLOW IN 2015” at The Daley Gator! Yay! THANK YOU, Doug!
Everyone reading this reblog should go click on over to see the whole list at The Daley Gator and check out the other blogs who are on the list, I’m sure you’ll see something you will like!
My health has been worse than usual lately and today has been pretty rotten for me, until the moment just minutes ago when I learned about the huge honor that has been bestowed upon me by The Daley Gator. OMGosh, what a wonderful day brightener and fabulous way to start the new year! I will take this as my cue to try to blog more regularly in 2015 at the main blog,, and even more lazy-blogging with Femininican’s reblog button so that people who come over will have new things to see. I do hope to also help out more at my weird news site where EBL has been working her fingers off keeping the kookiness alive.
Happy New Year, everybody!
Thanks again, Doug, what a wonderful gift! XOXO

The Daley Gator

Or maybe I should say the 50 other blogs (besides this one) you must follow in 2015

50- Guns Save Lives Yes they do

49- Zilla of the Resistance Gutsy blogging

48- Miss K’s World A bit of everything, very good material

47- Double Trouble Two Hot women, humor, well worth the time

46- Woodsterman lots of hot women, twisted humor and other frivolity

45- Wine,Women, and Politics NSFW material and some politics too defintely not PC

44- Western Hero some great content 

43- Subject to Change A little something for everyone

42- Randys Roundtable An interesting mix of humor, politics and Cowboy Cheerleaders

41` A Nod to the Gods Thought provoking, fun, and great commentary born of common sense

40- The Lid Hard hitting and thoughtful

39- Shall NOT be Questioned Good stuff! And, no you may not question that!

38- Say Anything– A blog in North Dakota OH YEAH!

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