Barbarian Thuggery

Muslim savages committed a massacre in Paris today in an attack against free speech, and they did it on behalf of the thin skinned perpetually offended death cult of islam. The muslim terrorists slaughtered at least a dozen people today (including shooting a a cop in the head as he lay on the ground begging for his life) and injured at least ten more because islamic savages are “offended” by fucking cartoons. Western Civilization will be extinguished entirely if islamocoddling and political correctness is not immediately stopped.



The issue shown at the left got the offices of Charlie Hebdo firebombed a couple of years ago. (Mohammed is saying, “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing.”) Today, gunmen murdered a dozen members of the publications staff.

Barbarian thugs have struck a blow against the free expression of ideas.

They must not be allowed to win.

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