Where’s Holder?

Well, since the Obama administration has consitantly sided with the agents and enablers of islamic terror and consistently sided against the Freedom of Speech if they think muslims will complain about it, nobody should be surprised that mullah Barry did not show up and that he sent no high ranking officials to represent the USA in Paris today – but I think that’s a good thing because he and his cronies would have found a way to act disgraceful and disrespectful and it would have been a huge embarrassment to our country. Do you think anyone really wanted barky there blathering on about himself and his love of islam and how islamic terrorism has nothing to do with islam and how if he were president of France he’d have jailed the staff of Charlie Hebdo just like he did to that filmmaker here and then how he’d say the murdered dead would be alive (and in prison) today if they “respected” islam because “the future does not belong to those who slander (the murderous, thieving, pedophiliac, depraved) ‘prophet’ of islam”? His absence in Paris shows where his true allegiance lies with, and always has, the genocidal islamic supremacists of the Muslim Brotherhood and all their related groups such as CAIR, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, ect., …

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Leave it to the amateur.

A CNN presenter, Jake Tapper, noted that Jordan, a close Muslim ally of the US, was represented by its king.

“I don’t mean this as a criticism of the Obama administration, but as an American, I do wish that we were better represented in this beautiful procession of world leaders,” Tapper was quoted as saying.

via As world leaders march in Paris, US represented by ambassador.

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One response to “Where’s Holder?

  1. mcnorman January 11, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    Thanks for the reblog. Isn’t it amazing? This is huge and where is our presence? I’m surprised the dumbell didn’t send an IPod with a message from HRH on it to France.

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