Early 1930’s Germany = 2015 America?

Everything old is new again, including genocidal totalitarians storing up power while people who should know better yawn and look the other way.

See ya in the gulag, Bob. Till then, please keep up the thoughtcrimes and maybe some people will learn something before it is entirely too late.

Everyone who ever stood up against unfathomable evil called, they said,

No quarter.

The Camp Of The Saints

Friend In The Ether Palaeomerus makes a damn good point, over at Protein Wisdom:

The nazis “seized” the young people as a national resource, gave them to the fuhrer as a birthday gift and made adults afraid to interfere by encouraging the youth to turn their parents in as traitors.

Today is much the same only they use lawyers and unofficial black lists and social media stalking instead of pistols to spread the fear. And these soft nazis piss their pants anytime someone rolls back one of their little frog boiler victories. If it weren’t for cowards and paid off patsies it would have been rolled back long ago….

We are not so different from our ancestors. We heard the same theme they did and did not recognize it for it was slowed down from a March to a Waltz. But at the end of the night we…

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