Hoping this is the LAST time I write about Lyin’ Brian

Brian Williams: habitual liar and total d-bag jackass. Please click through to Polination and go see for yourself some of the MANY on air lies told by Brian Williams over the years which he was NEVER held accountable for, along with some facts about how “educated” he is (not). Holy mackerel, how did that jerk ever become a “respected journalist” who millions of people trusted to report factual news when he barely has a semester’s worth of college credits to his name and has just been making crap up about his “experiences” in his “reports” for YEARS (with impunity)?!?!????!!!

No, I’m not obsessed.

I’m outragedthat an uneducated, narcissistic liar ever had the trust and power to choose what, when and how We the People were informed.

Lyin' Brian - No college

Freedom of the press is one of the great glories of our system; lying journalists put that, and all our other freedoms, in grave jeopardy, so no, I will NOT be silent about this.

That being said, I am sick to death of the smarmy jerk, so hopefully this is the LAST time I have to even think about him.

Lyin' Brian - Lie Hard 2

In a 2007 interview with Fairfield University Student Television, Williams recalled “Katyusha rockets passing just underneath the helicopter I was riding in” during a trip to Israel in 2006.

In fact he was nowhere near enemy fire.In a broadcast segment he filmed the day of the alleged incident, he described rocket fire as being “six miles away.”

Lyin' Brian - Katrina dead body

Williams has told…

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