Shut Up and Disappear – For Your Own Good, Of Course!

I have no patience for trolls whatsoever, which is why I have an Official Policy for dealing with them when they show up on my property. Please click HERE to visit my main blog to read a bit about my Troll Management System for Capitalist Bloggers, and my response to the nasty accusations that were made about me by the “concern troll” who spent a good deal of time last night demanding that I erase my blog and disappear from the internet entirely – supposedly for my own good, of course!

Of course you don’t HAVE TO read my stuff if you don’t want to, which is something my troll could not seem to understand, but you CAN if you WANT to and if you do then you’ll get to see the special tool that my daughter, Lil Zilla, designed just for me.

I Have A Hammer –


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