Pearson Is Everywhere: Defending Spying On Students Edition

Spying on your children, it’s the Common Core way! Pearson gets busted spying on kids, but don’t worry, the children will still be monitored, there will just be some different entity doing the snooping. Privacy schmivacy, your children MUST be data mined for somebody else’s profit and power – it’s for the kids’ own good!


Pearson: Always Earning Pearson: Always Earning

Welcome back to another installment of Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time we looked at Pearson spying on students via social media to ‘protect’ the Common Core PARCC tests.

Today, we have an update on that story. According to the Denver Post, Pearson is defending it’s monitoring of students, but promising to ‘let the states do it’ from now on.

Denver Post reports that Pearson has agree to stop the practice of monitoring students using test rosters and leave it up to the states, however there is a tidbit in their article that needs highlighting.

Here’s the relevant excerpt of the article, with emphasis added:

Pearson agreed this week at the states’ request to stop matching social media posts to a list of students on test rosters — instead leaving the matching to states, Skelly said.

“All students deserve fair tests,” said Dana Smith, spokeswoman for the Colorado Department…

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