Conservative Blockheads, Part I

Bob’s right, of course.
I have nothing to add to his thoughts but a bunch of fucking curse words in expression of my frustration with all the suicidal pandering I see coming from the alleged political “Right”. Sycophantic useful idiot enablers of Leftism’s destruction of all the is good, decent, and worth fighting for.
PS We speak English here.

The Camp Of The Saints

Wherein we provide examples of conservatives and small ‘l’ libertarians who buy-into, legitimize, the Leftist Narrative…

Who cares?  Why do we give a good Goddamn?

As long as we continue to legitimize the false and Abnormal thinking of Left, we are guilty of providing aid and comfort to the Enemies of everything America stands for — and of being their Useful Idiots.

Wake-up, dammit.


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One response to “Conservative Blockheads, Part I

  1. formwiz April 14, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    Who cares? Why do we give a good Goddamn?

    Because the Hildabeast and the rest of the creep Lefties will talk about how diverse they are.

    Just ask yourself what happens when the Hildabeast can’t even buenos dias without sounding like John Wayne. Every little embarrassment has value.

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