Homo Lefticus – Ecce Novum Americanus!

A more loathsome creature than the standard sniveling hand-wringing yellow bellied lily livered beta male has been discovered, and it is a vile disgusting thing indeed! Click through to read all about these festering boils on the great ass of America at The Camp Of The Saints.

The Camp Of The Saints

Ecce Nihilistum!

From a recent Mark Steyn post with a marvelous title: The Moronization Of The Republic:

…What “terrified” me and others about Caitlyn and her débutante’s balls was the ruthlessly enforced celebratory tone. When the Queen marks her Diamond Jubilee or the Duchess of Cambridge has a baby, you’re allowed to roll your eyes and say “God, aren’t you sick of these bloody royal parasites?” or “Who cares about one more sponger in the palace?” Even “state” media like the BBC and CBC accept that there are a wide range of views on the head of state. But if you watched the coverage of Caitlyn on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN et al you would have had no idea that there are people out there for whom this was not cause for joyous celebration. There was something not “terrifying” – not yet – but coercive and authoritarian in…

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