Days of Our Lives

RE: “Climate Change” hysteria:
Don’t believe the hype!
Please click through to Polination for good info on the bad scam that the warmist alarmists have been pulling…

Following climate news is like watching a soap opera.

Climate alarmists are

  • tooting the NOAA’s claim that 2015 was the second hottest year in temperature recorded history.

Climate skeptics note

  • NASA’s satellite temperature records do not support the NOAA’s findings.
  • NOAA’s data is full of warm-biased holes. E.g., weather stations that used to be in fields are now surrounded by buildings with heat-producing HVAC systems and parking lots that retain heat.

Global Warming Hoax and Scientific MethodClimate alarmists point to IPCC computer projections to “prove” we’re destroying the planet with fossil fuels but …

  • IPCC computer projections have been proven wrong not only often, but also by a whole lot, so why should we trust anything they say about the future?

Climate alarmists claimthat global warming will cause an increase in the power and frequency of storms, but …

  • even the suspect NOAA and IPCC data show no increasing trends for hurricanes…

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