NCSPIN Covers NC Homeschool Explosion

I wonder what the stats look like in New York, where I pulled my own kids out of public school and an homeschooling them instead – largely due to the detrimental effect the nonsensical and developmentally inappropriate Common Core was having on my children.

I see parents of my children’s former classmates around town and their response when I explain why my kids aren’t in school with their kids anymore has been overwhelmingly positive. They hate the Common Core too, and they tell me that it had made the teachers as miserable as it has the children.

I hear that there are other families who’ve done what I did or have chosen to send their kids to non-CC private schools. I also hear from parents who wish they could homeschool but don’t think it’s an option for them because both parents work full time.

Not one single parent has told me that they or their kids like Common Core or that it is better than our school district’s excellent but now discarded curriculum. We had great schools here, and now everyone in them is miserable since the district no longer has any say in what the children should be learning in school.


At the tail end of NCSPIN episode #827, they covered the explosion in homeschool rates in North Carolina.

At about 23:44, the host makes mention that a lot of the feedback from those pulling their
kids to homeschool was due to Common Core, then segues into the NC General Assembly ordering a “re-working” of Common Core.

The host asks former Lt. Governor Wicker if the changes to the Common Core will bring Dots and sticks math ecardthose parents and students back into the public school system.

Wicker said ‘no’ and that ‘more and more find it an attractive option’. Wicker also did an apologist dance for the Core, saying it was ‘misunderstood’.  The only one misunderstanding it in this exchange seems to be Wicker.


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