Behind The Common Core Curtain In NC – Part 2


GUEST POST ICONThis is part two in a Guest Post series on Common Core.  Read Part One.
This is an important look behind the Curtain of Common Core in North Carolina.

The writer is a School Counselor in NC public schools.  Part 1 will detail the implementation of Common Core into the School Counselor’s school. Part 2 will detail Technology. Part 3 will be SIS and Part 4 will be testing.

Part 2 Technology

2012 was a different school year. This was the year we rolled out the laptops. Every student and every teacher would have a Lenovo laptop. We will spend less on books and copies. This will save us money. Kids will be more engaged because this is the 21st Century and technology is the thing. As a school counselor, my desktop was removed from my office and I didn’t get a laptop. I used an old laptop from…

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